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United Healthcare – Who are they and what do they offer?


Headquartered in Minnesota, United Healthcare is one of the larger and better known health insurance providers operating in the United States today. The largest market they service is the small to mid size employer or business, primarily those companies with 5,000 employees or less.


Formed originally in 1977 as United Healthcare Corporation the company officially became United Healthcare in 1988. The company has expanded fairly rapidly, partially due to the acquisition of several smaller health care insurance providers. They are now one the US’s largest providers of risk based policies.


United Healthcare


What does United Healthcare Offer?

Almost all the products offered to employers for their employers are along the lines of a traditional group health plan that restricts to a certain network the providers that an enrollee can utilize. United Healthcare employee health insurance plans are primarily designed to cover full time employees only. They do provide coverage options for those who only work part time hours, but the benefits are rather limited.


Most of the plans cover basic medical services and some preventative health measures such as discounts on gym memberships. Dental and optical coverage can usually be added to group insurance plans at a separate individual cost. Flexible spending accounts designed to help an employee manage the cost of services not covered, and co pays are also available under certain group insurance plans offered by United Healthcare. All the plans are both HIPAA and Cobra compliant.


Does United Healthcare Offer Individual Plans?


For the individual or family not covered by an employee or group plan, United Healthcare does offer a number of plans for insurance coverage. Their co pay individual plans require a set fee to be paid for all services, but most closely resemble their group products. A high deductible plan requires that a policyholder pay out of pocket for medical expenses until a deductible is met, usually over $1000. This kind of plan is useful for covering high expenditure services such as surgery or for those who use a lot of medical services in a calendar year. It is less economical for those who only visit the doctor a few times annually.


One of the most popular individual plan offerings made by United Healthcare are their Student Insurance Plans, which offer PPO type coverage to those who are transitioning from coverage under a parent’s health insurance plan to a group plan once they find a job. For Guaranteed insurance for seniors, follow this link.