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  • These plans are insured by various A.M. Best rated insurers.
  • Certain policies have pre-existing waiting periods. Others cover fully from day one.
  • Consult a licensed insurance agent as per policy availability and details.
Guaranteed Health Solutions for the Entire Family


Looking for guaranteed health solutions to tackle serious health problems?


No guaranteed solution for his health problems and is distinctly unhappy. The doctor has diagnosed Nick as having stage 2 diabetes. The burden of hospitalization, doctor visits, prescription costs, etc. are compounded by the problem of not having health insurance. Whenever he approaches an insurance brokerage to obtain a guaranteed plan, he is refused.


"Not insurable," says the insurance agent time after time. A standard insurance for health does not cover diabetes stage 2 but our guaranteed solutions plan does.


Card Health Insurance



Thousands of American suffer not having insurance coverage. What then? Are they destined to suffer? Ordinarily, yes. Unless there is guaranteed solution for health for such people?


Friends, your search is over for those special people who can provide you a guaranteed solution.


We offer you the answer through our pre-existing medical policies. It is meant for those who can not qualify for any other health insurance plans due to existing medical problems.


1. Have year round guaranteed solution added with huge discounts for care at hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies.


2. No refusal to provide medical treatment due to pre-existing health conditions.


3. Guaranteed plans are guaranteed renewable.


4. An indemnity insurance plan that pays money directly to the client.


Our program is open for those seeking an alternative to a discount medical card.


Our plan is the solution to your many of your concerns.


Visit our guaranteed insurance for preexisting conditions for further details on our program.