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  • These plans are insured by various A.M. Best rated insurers.
  • Certain policies have pre-existing waiting periods. Others cover fully from day one.
  • Consult a licensed insurance agent as per policy availability and details.
An Example of Medical Card Benefits

What Exactly Are Medical Cards?

Medical cards provide discounts on important health services enabling families on lower incomes to get the care they need. Prices and policies are different in different states, but card holders will benefit from lower copayments on medications and other health services. These include:

Healthcare Professional Visits

  • Save between 20% and 45% on doctor visits and ancillary services such as imaging centers or laboratory work
  • Access more than 520,000 medical professionals and over 65,000 ancillary centers all over the country

Services courtesy of Private Healthcare Systems.

Laboratory Services

  • Save between 15% and 75% on the cost of blood tests
  • More than 3,000 laboratories

Direct Labs provides all laboratory services.

Weight Reduction Surgery

  • We offer a $1,000 saving on the cost of gastric banding surgery for weight loss
  • You will have over 150 nationwide participating surgeries

The Gastric Banding Panel Group provides this discount service.

Negotiating a Medical Bill

  • Save up to 40% on medical bills by working with a professional medical bill negotiator
  • We are available for consultation either before or after seeking medical services, or if a medical bill is in the hands of collections

Healthcare Mediation is the provider of this service.

Prescription Service

  • Save an average 20% on branded medication and more on generics
  • We provide access to almost 60,000 pharmacies, including Costco®, Publix®, Walgreens®, Rite Aid®, CVS®, Safeway®, Target®, Kroger® and Wal-Mart®

This service is provided by WellDyneRx.

Vision Services

  • Save up to 35% on glasses, contact lenses, examinations and consultations
  • Over 30,000 optical specialists available nationwide

Our vision services are courtesy of VSP Choice AccessSM Plan.

Medical Loan Services

  • Options are available for financing in/outpatient care; weight reduction surgery; vision impairment surgery; and cosmetic procedures to name a few
  • There is no initial fee required and we offer very low monthly tariffs
Our Loans are provided by My Medical Loan.


Chiropractic Services & Alternative Medication

  • Save up to 35% on general healthcare services, such as massage therapy; dietary services; acupuncture and many more
  • Over 25,000 locations nationwide
Services provided by the American Specialty Health Service.



Dental Services

  • Save up to 60% on many dental procedures such as root canals/crowns; major denture works; hygienist services and routine exams
  • Save up to 20% on specialist services (where available) such as prosthodontics; endodontics; pediatric dentistry; orthodontics and oral surgery
  • Over 65,000 dentists and specialists are available nationwide

The services are provided by Careington International.



24/7 on-demand availability to a licensed physician anytime, anywhere. Telemedicine consultations via phone or email. Save time and money. An alternative to an office visit, urgent care or ER.

LASIK Vision Correctional Procedures

  • Save up to 20% on regular vision correctional procedure costs, or up to 5% on LASIK’s surgery costs
  • Facilities available in almost 600 locations across the nation

LCA Vision’s National Lasik Network provides these services.

For Those Hard of Hearing

  • Up to 30% savings on hearing aids and accessories or examinations
  • Over 2000 service providers nationwide

Savings courtesy of HearPO.

Diabetes & Medical Assistance

  • Save up to 35% on the cost of general medical goods and even more on disposable supplies
  • Save up to 25% on the cost of diabetes nutrition supplements and essential daily medication


Health Insurance Brokers

24-Hour Nursing Service

  • Call a licensed nurse, any time of day, all year round on our toll free number
  • Use our information center to find pre-recorded information on thousands of subjects
Our nursing services are provided courtesy of CareNet.

Discount Health Cards

We Will Accept You

All our plans are insured by A.M. Best rated insurers. Some parts of the policies have pre-existing condition waiting periods while other parts do not. Please talk to your licensed insurance agent to find out the specifics for your plan.



Medical Discount Card

Applying For a Medical Card

The first thing you need to know about medical discount cards is that they are not real health insurance, and thus do not provide comprehensive medical coverage.


Some organizations sell medical cards as a genuine substitute to health insurance, but that is misleading. It is much easier to obtain a medical card compared with real health insurance, but the high costs and lack of cover mean many people choose guaranteed or high risk health insurance instead.


Where medical cards vary in cost from $30 to $75, guaranteed health insurance (for pre-existing conditions such as cancer; heart disease; kidney failure, etc) can be obtained from $175 to $379, providing the client with real, government regulated health insurance that covers hospital stays, surgery, doctor visits with PPO network savings and more.


For free quotes from all the guaranteed acceptance insurers, fill out the form at the top of the page or click here.


You will be given the contact details of a local health insurance agent who can guide you through the different medical cards and insurance plans available in your area.



An Example of the Cards available through the insurance plans offered.

(Guaranteed Health Insurance PPO Network Card)


Preffered Provider Card

Back of a Preffered Provider Card


Applying for a Medical Card

The first step in obtaining a medical card is getting a medical card application. These can often be found online. Due to the volume of discount medical cards proving to be scams, we no longer provide medical card applications through our website.


People often ask us “how do I get a medical card?” or “how does one apply for a medical card?” The simplest answer to this question is “talk to a local health insurance agent”. They are the only people qualified to advise you because they are the only ones who know the specific regulations regarding medical cards in your state.

Medical Card Eligibility

Medical card requirements are as follows.

  • A health insurance card is designed for those individuals and families who reside in USA.
  • Another type of health insurance card is one which the visitors to USA can obtain while fulfilling certain conditions. While the maximum limit for a health insurance card can vary with the different plans from which the health insurance card was obtained, the common characteristics remain the same.
  • That means, a health insurance card will ordinarily cover prescription drugs, child birth, pregnancy, dental, vision, and health care expenses at 770. But there will be definite coverage that will save you money. US citizens, Green Card holders, and H1, H4, F1, and F2 visa holders also qualify for a health insurance card. Moreover, there are plans such as a Health Management Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that provide a health insurance card to patients having pre-existing conditions.
  • A phony health insurance card does not offer any assistance in real medical emergencies. In truth such cards may not be real health insurance card at all. Such inadequate health insurance cards are worthless and should be reported to the proper governmental authorities.
  • Be wary of health insurance cards that are fake. Some providers claim their cards offer a wide range of benefits but fail to deliver in real emergencies.
  • Patients have rights under state and federal laws that help them buy health insurance cards and reap the benefits. The problem is these rights are not fully inclusive. Protection for consumers varies by state, the specific type of cover and a whole host of other conditions.

Health Card Renewal

If you already have a card, you can get a new one from your provider. Visit their website, send them a letter or call them up. New cards will normally be mailed within 7-10 working days.


Special Conditions for Health Care Card Eligibility:

Contact your local card issuer or military personnel office for details about health care card eligibility requirements if you are in one of the following groups:

  • Relatives of an active duty service member who was discharged after being court-martialed or separated for spouse or child abuse.
  • Abused spouses, previous spouses and dependent children of services members whose eligibility for retirement was revoked after abusing their spouse or child.
  • Spouses and children of representatives of NATO and Partners for Peace nations who are in the country on official business.


Parents-in-law and Dependent Parents:

Eligible parents-in-law and dependent parents may sign up to TRICARE Plus* for care in a military treatment facility, depending on space and availability.


Beneficiaries, who are not signed up to Prime, may receive care from their local military treatment facility. Parents-in-law and dependent parents are not eligible for TRICARE For Life, TRICARE Standard, Prime or Extra.


Parents-in-law and Dependent Parents may be eligible for the Senior Pharmacy Program, if they meet the requirements.

TRICARE and Medicare Card Eligibility:

Becoming eligible for a Medicare card does not mean you have to lose your eligibility for TRICARE. Here are three examples of dual eligibility for Medicare and TRICARE:

  • People who are eligible for a Medicare Part A health card because of their age, who purchase Medicare Part B, maintain eligibility for TRICARE.
  • The families of active duty service members who are eligible for Medicare health cards are also eligible for TRICARE Standard, Prime or Extra regardless of whether they purchase Medicare Part B. Purchase of Part B is recommended because the costs may increase each month they are not enrolled. Contact Medicare for details.




  • Beneficiaries under 65 who are eligible for a Medicare Part A health card because they are disabled or suffering from end stage renal disease, and who have also bought Medicare Part B remain eligible for TRICARE Standard, Prime or Extra. When they reach 65 they become eligible for TRICARE For LIFE. Tell your medical treatment facility or unit personnel office if you become eligible for Medicare because of a disability or end stage renal disease.

Replacing Your Health Card is Not So Hard

Losing your wallet or purse with your government ID can be stressful. Do not panic: There are things you can do right away to protect yourself from further problems. The following steps should be taken:


  • Tell your bank about your lost cards.
  • Tell the local police that you have lost your wallet, in case someone hands it in.


Helpful Hints:
The helpful hints below provide a checklist of important information to make it easier for you to replace health cards and other documents.

  • If you've lost any piece of ID, you should report it immediately to the local police department.
  • If you've lost a credit card, notify the credit card company immediately and they will cancel the cards and replace at no charge.
  • If you've lost a retail credit cards, immediately notify the Cardholder Service of that retail store.


When you are replacing documents, proof of ID is required, but that is difficult to do if all your documentation was in your wallet. We suggest that you replace your documentation in the following order:

Driver's license - In many States, a replacement driver's license may be gotten immediately.

Birth Certificate - ID is required to pick up your birth certificate. A driver's license is an acceptable form of ID to pick up your certificate.

Visit a government office to replace a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed citizenship certificate.

Health Insurance Discount Cards are being investigated

The Ohio Attorney General’s investigation found The Discount Health Insurance Card Company of Cleveland did not make clear a key limit which made their discount card too costly for people on low incomes.


The person’s credit card was required to have enough credit to pay the doctor’s normal fee, before discount, to be able to gain the discounts offered by the health card.

Say the doctor’s free was $350, and the person only had $275 available on their credit card, the health card’s discount would not be available even if the discounted price was less than $275.


Discount medical insurance cards are fast becoming the alternative of choice for individuals unable to afford regular health insurance. Many consumers do not fully understand that these health insurance discounts are not an insurance policy and that card holders remain liable for all health care fees incurred.

Consumers could experience difficulty getting participating physicians and drug stores to charge the discounted rate since the firms offering the discount cards often rent the provider networks from other companies. Many doctors’ offices and drug stores are unaware that they participate in discount medical insurance card programs.


The Executive Director of Ohio Statewide Senior Action Committee, Michael Fogerty, said the Attorney General’s efforts to stop these fraudulent practices and educate people about the dangers of dodgy health insurance came just in time.


With the costs of medications increasing by up to 25% each year, and a lack of action by Congress to provide a complete Medicare supplement for prescription drugs, many older people are purchasing discount health insurance cards as a last resort.


According to the Attorney General, medical insurance cards can provide discounts on health care and medication, but there is a need for further investigation to find out if they are truly beneficial.


Numerous good people have had disastrous experiences in the past with faulty discount and guaranteed insurance cards.