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Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance gives free health insurance sales leads to licensed agents in all fifty states! Our web pages frequently rank in the top ten results on Google for key search terms, and often at number one. This makes us the leading choice for clients looking to buy insurance, and so the best source of free sales leads for you. We know our niche and we know how to get people to request a quote. If you know you can sell, you should register for free sales leads with us at your earliest convenience.


Health Insurance Leads

Agents who work with us enjoy the benefits of a lead generation system that is absolutely free. Make one sale and you will receive a minimum of 10 exclusive and free leads. We are in the business of making money and no one has a higher close ratio than the insurance agent that lives and works in the local community.

Our job is to identify the agent who is exceptional at this profession. We have health leads in abundance and we need the superstar to be on our team. Close ratios of up to 40-50% are the norm for those who are truly talented at sales. Waste no more time. Make the first step to be involved with our lead generation program and the money may just well follow in abundance.



How Is Our Lead Generation Program So Good?

  • The agent will receive a minimum of ten exclusive leads for free. Ten real time exclusive leads will be credited to your account after the first sale. More health leads will be forthcoming for brokers that make multiple sales.
  • The leads are exclusive and will be sent to your email and to your cell phone as a text message.
  • After requesting a free quote the client will be forwarded to a thank you page with your contact information which includes your photograph and link to your personal website. The client will also receive an email with the agent's contact information.
  • The agent or the client can input the enrollment information for the agent to be credited for the sale. User friendliness and ease of enrollment leads the health agent to make sales.
  • No licensing fees, and you can sell in every state that you are licensed in.
  • This medical insurance plan accepts applicants till age 64. Applicants must be non-disabled and be able to work. .
  • There’s a low cost medical plan available in all fifty states. If you make a group sale, you will get a free web site.
  • We welcome call centers and phone rooms to sell our health insurance. Tremendous success is being experienced in this sector.
  • Cutoff for enrollments is the 5th of the month for the 15th effective date and the 20th of the month for the 1st of the month effective. This is in accordance with the rules of group insurance which can only begin on the 1st and the 15th.
  • The policies are all underwritten by A.M. Best "A" (excellent) rated insurers.
  • A home state license is required before your enrollment sales web site will be activated. The agent will not be able to enroll sales prospects till the necessary paperwork has been processed. Full processing of your sales web site is usually generated within 24 hours.
  • Fill in your contact information and include the state that your desire your leads to come from. You will be  taken to a thank you page with a description of the plans and a link to the electronic contract. You will be active to sell our insurance within 24 hours.
  • Please attend our daily conference call at 12pm Eastern Time. Dial in 424-203-8405 and Conference id is 464305. Please join us Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • You will get a free web site to help you make sales. There is absolutely no reason for health brokers not to license with us for our exclusive insurance lead programs.
  • Impaired health clients will sell their dog to buy this policy. Your job is simply to lead the client to the policy that is in their best interest.
  • That is our job as licensed insurance brokers. This is how we feed our families and how we sleep well at night.



Bob Gordon Delivers Free Real-time Health Leads


How does it Work?

We provide you a web site for online enrollment. The client visits our site, fills in information and is forwarded to a "thank you" page that features your name, contact info & photo.

This lead is forwarded to your cell phone and email.
The client receives an email with your contact info, etc.


Key Sales Point: No One is Denied - Everyone is Accepted

Your job as a sales professional is to present a solution to your clients' needs while earning a living wage. Major medical insurers, as a result of recent Obamacare legislation, were forced to lower their sales commission levels. Our niche market of defined benefit health insurance has not been affected by this legislation and in recent months sales have increased dramatically. Regardless, a licensed insurance broker should have a policy in his portfolio in which every client is accepted. Your job is to generate sales and presenting the client what he needs is a good path to achieving success.


These health insurance policies have benefits that are limited in scope. In general, the maximum hospital per day benefit is $2,000 for a limited period (the average daily cost of a semi-private hospital room is $1,100 nationwide).

What is the ideal solution for an unhealthy client?

Lead the client to buy a limited benefit - defined benefit health policy. We offer policies that will cover pre-existing conditions from day one while other programs will have twelve month waiting period for certain treatments. These health programs can cost as little as $149 per month.

MultiPlan - America's Largest PPO

A negotiated rate for doctors, hospitals, lab work, etc. will save your client a substantial amount of money. Multiplan PPO has over 40 million Americans using its services which makes MultiPlan America's largest PPO with over 550,000 participating providers. Using an in-network provider will lower your client's out-of-pocket medical expenses substantially. The client will not be responsible for any charges that surpass the negotiated rate.

We all have heard the horror stories of an uninsured person walking into a hospital and, let’s say, twenty-four hours later walking out with a twenty-four thousand dollar bill. An uninsured patient, and therefore not part of a PPO network, has an extremely low incidence of actually paying the hospital bill as it comes due.



The collection agency and lawyers are called in and the charges are often paid from an estate at death or when the client wants to buy or sell a house.


A non-insured patient can be billed at whatever price that the hospital deems appropriate as opposed to an agreed upon priced that were negotiated by the hospital and PPO beforehand. Savings of 40-50-60-70-80% are not uncommon. The the vast number client will still save alot of money during the period of time that there is a pre-existing waiting period or in case the client has surpassed the benefit limits. For many clients, the network savings will be well worth the cost of the entire health policy in the event of a sickness.

Diabetes - The Plague of the Baby Boom Generation

This current generation of Americans are experiencing an unprecedented amount of chronic illness. Diabetes is the chronic condition that is the leading cause of non-acceptance to traditional medical insurers. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), 22.9 million people in the U.S. - 7.9% of the population - have diabetes. This is a growing number. This number has grown 15.5 percent in the last 10 years. Within this 22.9 million group, 6.1 million people have yet to be diagnosed as diabetic by a medical professional while 62 million Americans have pre-diabetes. These facts present you, the broker, a tremendous sales opportunity. Health insurance sales leads from our web sites should be the vehicle that keeps your sales career on track.


The benefits of offering these policies to your clientele are substantial. Limited benefit - health insurance programs - are the fastest growing segment over the last five years.*

Agents are invited to our daily conference call.

Immediately after contracting agents will be given a person personal sales enrollment web site. At the conference call we'll lead you over the various benefits and attributes of the program. Exclusive leads will be given to top producers on an ongoing basis.

"Looking forward to seeing you at the conference call."

New health insurance agents are highly recommended to listen to the conference call at least one time. Exclusive health insurance sales leads are available to producing agents. Highest allowable commissions will be given to health insurance agents who contract with us. No bickering over percentages!

We Pay For Surgeries!

There are special instructions, so health agents should come to the conference call.


These health plans are an extremely sellable product, and we'll lead you through the main benefits to make your job even easier.


Our plans are now online. Applications and brochures will be in your back office to sell the policy on a face to face basis. We recommend that when you collect a paper application from a client, just input the data into your enrollment web site and save the paper application in your filing cabinet. If you meet an older, sicker client, or one with current credible coverage, sell him the most expensive health insurance program that will cost $399 per month. These policies can take 8-11 minutes to sell over the phone. We recommend to just talk about the policy benefits and the client will tell you their credit card or bank information. KISS.


The insurance company will give the agent a free web site, there is no licensing fee and the health insurance broker is able to make sales in 50 states through the association. Similar features are in the other products that we represent. This is legal and is the best way for the insurer to sell nationwide over the telephone.


The age 55 or over client must be in good enough physical shape to be able to function as a regular person for his/her age and gender and not be on government disability. Regardless, our medical plans’ excellent sales website makes this insurer super-suitable for the impaired risk client.


We are giving away free money to brokers that are with us. You ask. Are we crazy? We happen to have the top health insurance web site on the internet and we are giving away free leads. A minimum of ten real time exclusive leads from that site to health insurance agents that make their first sale of our product. Agents that sell our insurance plan for impaired risk clients are becoming reasonably wealthy from this arrangement.



Our goal is to identify quality insurance agents who have good close ratios. When you are identified, we will feed you more leads to sell health insurance.


I am telling you unequivocally that the traditional internet health sales lead generation sites that sell the lead to four agents does not have such a high close ratio. The professional brokers who are making the big bucks are those buying exclusive health leads. The agent is licensed with the 5-6 health insurers in the state as well as with our product line.


Insurance Sales LeadsThe going rate for a direct phone lead is about $25 and if the close ratio is 40-50%, (which is possible) then the broker becomes a millionaire - before you can say "Orville Redenbacher."


What in heaven's name am I sitting in front of a computer building health insurance lead generation web sites considering that I know all this? Excellent point and I don't have a good answer.




Free Leads The goal is to lead this industry as a one stop shop in insurance lead generation for ambitious agents.


To cut to the chase, insurance agents are wanted and we will do everything to help the agent ,including having a terrific impaired risk lead generation program.


An example of a standard letter we email to clients that contact us.


Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in Our Medical Plans, America's Leading Health Plans.

The Ultimate Limited Medical Program Solution
We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to get quality medical insurance regardless of your medical condition. That's why Our Medical Plans has brought together the most comprehensive limited medical benefits groups in the county. All our plans are fully insured by A.M. Best Companies and underwritten on a no risk basis.



  • Pick any Doctor or choose a Network Provider
  • Unlimited Benefits for Surgery (under the Medicare reimbursement schedule)
  • Daily Benefits for Hospital visits and stays.s
  • Benefits for visits to the Doctor
  • Benefits for Diagnostics, X-rays & Labs
  • No Lifetime Maximum Benefit Limit
  • Compliant with HIPAA
  • Medication Savings
  • Dental & Vision Savings

and much more...


We look forward to insuring your healthcare needs.




Aim health plans

Typical Health Insurance Agent of our Generation



Facts to help you sell

Leads will convert 22 times more often if you make contact within 5 minutes

78% of prospects convert with the company they had first contact with.

Converting a lead is 57% quality and 43% sales process

It takes an average of 5 to 6 attempts to contact a health sales lead

Sales leads generated on the weekends are 26% more likely to convert

40% of health leads will close with long term follow up


Agent should use this letter as standard.

  • You will receive a personalized web site from us.
  • Change my name to your name.
  • Put your phone number instead of mine.
  • The personalized web site link only has your contact information. The agent can feel comfortable sending thepersonalized web site to the client.
  • Lead generation, sales leads to agents


Health Insurance Sales Leads


The insurance policies presented by the local, state licensed insurance agent will be a defined benefit health insurance policy. Different plans are available. Please read the brochure for details about the plan you choose. The lead benefit plan brochure discloses the benefit ceilings that the insured benefits are limited to. Please see brochure for details. The information on this page is intended for licensed insurance agents only. Clients and prospective clients should contact their local, state licensed agent for policy benefits, rates, etc.