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  • These plans are insured by various A.M. Best rated insurers.
  • Certain policies have pre-existing waiting periods. Others cover fully from day one.
  • Consult a licensed insurance agent as per policy availability and details.

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MultiPlan is America's largest Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) with over 560,000 providers. 40 million Americans use MultiPlan's services.

The PPO will provide the insured with impressive savings and the insurance policy will cover treatment with any provider you choose.

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Guaranteed Health Insurance that You Can Afford

The Changing Face of Health Insurance

Since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was enacted, guaranteed-issue insurance for those with pre-existing conditions is standard. Thanks to this new level playing field, people who have been previously diagnosed with an illness will get the exact same premium rate as anyone else in their locality who is of the same age.


Now that health insurance is mandatory, Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance is as focused as ever on finding the health plan that suits you best.

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance made its name providing affordable coverage from top ranking insurance companies to those with pre-existing conditions. We are still a leading authority on insurance planning with policies that start from $99 for an individual to our $840 package that covers the whole family with comprehensive insurance. Some plans may even cost less. If you are looking for real, genuine health insurance, look no further than Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance.


Pre-existing Conditions

Even our most affordable plans have coverage for:

* Doctor visits
* Prescriptions
* Hospital stays
* Surgery
* Blood tests
* X-rays
* Check-ups
* Emergency room
* And so much more


People who are already enrolled in a health insurance policy can still benefit from us. Call us and get enrolled in insurance coverage at a dramatically lower premium every month, increase the coverage limit or both. During your call, you get to speak with our caring and friendly certified insurance agents who have plenty of industry experience. They will suggest the best insurance policy tailor-made to your specific budget and needs.

Regardless of who you are, what your income or age is, whatever may be your situation, you still deserve to maintain good health. Providing affordable insurance is something we are really proud of. We provide lower priced plans not just as a marketing gimmick, but as real, comprehensive insurance which you can actually afford.



The Best Plans from Top Rated Companies

The insurance coverage provided by us is from insurance companies that are A.M. Best top ranking companies. These are among the most financially stable companies in the industry, many of which are placed on the Fortune 500 list. For detailed information, get in touch with our licensed insurance agent.

National Association of Medical Underwriters

Members of the National Association of Medical Underwriters assist millions of uninsured Americans in their struggle to get the best deal in high quality benefits to counteract the constant rise in health care costs.

Here’s The Top 10 Benefits Of One Plan Being Offered:

  • Excellent benefits for surgery (100% reimbursement schedule for Medicare), hospitalization reimbursement of $1,000 daily for a period of 30 days per policy year
  • $1,000 per day confined in ICU or CCU
  • Office visit benefits
  • Diagnostic & X-rays
  • Emergency room - accident benefit

Affordable Plans for Individuals, Families & Groups!

Individual insurance plans start from $99 and go up to $440. Insurance costs for family coverage is higher. Discounts on health care service are received from hospitals and doctors that are in the PPO network. Go through the various plans available here and you will soon be assured that these are the best deals available in the market.

Health Insurance is a Requirement of Healthcare Law

Since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, you are required to have health insurance by law. The fact is health insurance saves people money. After all, health coverage exists to facilitate the high likelihood of a person falling ill, suffering an injury or needing to undergo a surgical procedure.

What an Uninsured Person Could Expect to Pay:

* 2010 Survey - American Medical Association

These are the real costs that would be incurred by ordinary people, day in, day out, year after year, were it not for the Affordable Care Act. Even at the bottom of the scale, the medical bills would be beyond the affordability of average earning citizens. Costs like these would seriously affect a person financially for years to come. At worst, their life would be in jeopardy as they may be denied treatment on financial grounds.


Remember There is a penalty for eligible people who don't purchase health insurance. If you have to pay the penalty for not having insurance, you will be entirely responsible for all your healthcare costs.

If you miss the annual open enrollment period, you will usually have to wait until the next year before you can purchase health insurance through the Marketplace.

Here Is Another Health Product We Want You To Know About:

  • 100% of Medicare reimbursement for surgeries
  • $1,000/day - hospital (30 days per year)
  • $1,000/day for ICU (5 days)
  • Doctor office visits
  • Money for accidents
  • Dental & Vision
  • Impressive network for diagnostics savings

What Happens to Uninsured People who Need Care?

Health Insurance Plans

It's no secret that healthcare is expensive. If a person has no health insurance and needs urgent medical care, everyone else ends up footing the bill which can run into tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.


It therefore makes sense that anyone who can afford to have health insurance should be responsible for their own coverage and be required to purchase a plan.


Should you not have health insurance and have to pay the penalty, you will be without insurance protection and will still need to pay 100% of your medical costs. Often this leads to bankruptcy, or worse, a lack of specialist care.




Every insurance plan is a low cost option that provides medical insurance at a fixed cost. An insurance plan with limited benefits is a good option. The benefits of a group insurance plan vary according to the plan purchased by the client.

This insurance coverage does not act as a substitute for traditional insurance plans or major medical insurance. The limitations of the plan are disclosed in the contract documents provided with the new member kit. For further details on cost and other aspects contact your licensed insurance agent.


The benefits represented are contracted through a combination of carriers. Not all benefits and coverage are available in all states under all plans. The plans' limitations are disclosed in the certificate of coverage provided in the new member kit. For costs and complete details of coverage, consult your local licensed insurance agent.


Health insurance becomes effective when the premium is received in a timely manner by the insurance company. As per the terms and conditions mentioned in the insurance contract, the insured person is required to keep his or her policy current through regular payments. The insured person will lose the benefits of the insurance due to any of the following reasons.


  • Premiums or any other fees not received in a timely manner.
  • Moving to another state or region not covered by the insurance company.
  • State and federal laws that are permitted.
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